adorn your android [may 2015]

Saturday, May 9, 2015

Welcome to this month's "Adorn Your Android"!  For May, I felt like a nice soft light pastel theme.  How CUTE is the icon I chose for the Etsy app?  Macarons because I sell macaron paper clips!  Get it??  Ahah!  

Anyway... the entire theme was compiled with icons from cocoPPa.  As you know by now, that's my go to app for changing up my icons.  It works so flawlessly for me.

Icon placement is the same this month.  No folders, just threw my most used apps on my home screen.  My plate is FULL and I'm all about quick access to exactly what I need.  

I'm really loving Afterlight to edit my photos prior to uploading to instagram.  It's a great photo editing app.  I highly recommend it!

||Sidenote||: I'm still on my Galaxy Note 3 and it recently updated to Android Lollipop and I hate it.  My phone does NOT like Lollipop.  I'm going to have to get a new phone soon.  I can't handle a glitchy phone.  This Note 3 has been amazing since release for me, but it really wasn't ready for Lollipop in my opinion.  Do you have the Note 3 with Lollipop?  Do you have problems?

As always, you can find me on cocoPPa: emileeblogs
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