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Monday, December 9, 2013

Today's post is something I haven't done before.  I'm doing a response post to another blog.  A fellow Planner Nerd posted a blog today titled, "I Never Fold My Underwear".  I thought it was a fun post, && since I'm still without a proper camera [see the reason why here], I'm having to create posts without pictures.  I thought this was a perfect post to do.  You can view her original post at her blog Giftie Etcetera.

My "Never's"...

I never... make my bed.  I like it to air out, and no one sees my bed.  My bedroom is not a room I go into much during the day, so it doesn't bother me to have an unmade bed.

I never... waste a bird carcass.  Ewww right?  Ahaha!  This came to mind because I'm making homemade chicken noodle soup today.  Using the carcass of a chicken I roasted yesterday to make the broth.  I hate wasting food and will use everyyy bit of everything that I can. 

I never... not do something that will take 60 seconds or less to do.  Example:  instead of leaving my shoes on the floor, clothes on the floor, or toilet paper off the roll I follow the 60 second rule.  If it takes 60 seconds or less to do the task, I do it right then.  Why not?  No point in saving it for later and letting things get out of hand.

I never... have less than 3 cups of coffee to start my day.  Yes I have an addiction.  My day is planned each morning while drinking coffee, and catching up on my YouTube subscriptions <333

I never... waste a B&BW candle jar.  They make great organization tools that are pretty.  And since I pretty much only burn B&BW candles, all my jars match!

I never... waste candle wax [keeping with the candle train of thought].  Once a candle wick has gone as far as it can, there is always useful wax at the bottom of the jar.  I put it in my "fake Scentsy" warmer from WalMart.  

I never... use my crock pot without a liner.  I HAAATE cleaning crock pots.  I would much rather spend the money on liners.

I never... fold socks or underwear.  Etcetera is right, no one sees it and why waste time on it?  My socks are labeled "R" & "L" [I'll explain this OCD quirk on another day] so it's easy to quickly grab what I need.

I never... go grocery shopping without a plan.  I work hard at keeping our grocery bill under budget, it's kind of a game to me =) weird right?  I shop once a week, and meticulously plan out my meals down to the penny using my Grocery Price List journal I made.

I never... spend a full day doing laundry.  I do a load every day to stay on top of it.  Each day of the week also has specific loads to do.  Example: Monday's I do the kitchen towel's, mop heads, && the heads from my dusters.  Basically all cleaning items that need to be laundered.  Tuesdays: I do linen laundry.  Etc, etc, so && so forth.

I never... do my son's chores.  I'm trying to raise a self-sufficient man with good work ethic.  He takes out the trash, does his own laundry, and cleans his own room && his own bathroom [he's 15].

I never... buy physical books anymore.  We are ALL readers in my home and our library was getting out of control.  Now we exclusively use our kindles.  Which also makes it nice when we all want to read the same book at the same time!  

Well friends, that's my "never" list.  I'm sure there's more, but that's what came up first in my head.  I'm off to check on my chicken broth! =)  I'm very excited for homemade chicken noodle soup tonight.  It's been so cold here, and I think this soup will be perfect to warm our tummies.

xo Emilee

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