project 20 pan [update 2]

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

project 20 pan

It's been awhile since I updated my project 20 pan.  This is where I'm at...  I've been able to cross out 10 items!  I'm going to be honest and say that I've purchased things since declaring project 20 pan, however they were only necessary purchases.  Only to replace things I've used up.  I've done really well at keeping my splurge spending at bay!  [Something I'm very proud of!]  I was terribly sad to see the last squirt from my Urban Decay De-Slick.  I loved this stuff.  With summer being over, and me no longer working during the day I have decided to not repurchase it just yet.  I don't have a need for it at the moment.  My Naked Palette never should have been included on this project!  Ack!  This eyeshadow lasts forever!  I'm never going to fully run out of it!  Same goes with my mark blush quad at the bottom.  The ONLY reason I included the mark blush quad, was to remind myself I have a large abundance of blush and do NOT need to purchase more.  I've done pretty well at using up the product that I really wanted to get rid of.  Maybe I'll start another project 20 pan, and make it more realistic by removing the Naked Palette and my mark blush quad.  

I challenge you all to do the same until the new year!  Pick 10-20 items that you need to use up before purchasing anything else.  Link your post below, or just tell me about it in a comment. 

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