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Friday, August 23, 2013

Today we're going to touch on one of my favorite topics, beauty products.  Women spend an average of $15,000 on makeup in their lifetime.  I know I have spent quite a lot in my lifetime, and I'm only 30.  There comes a point when you have to separate your wants from your needs.  I'm not saying we can't indulge ourselves, because come on we all deserve the occasional indulgence.  If you have to have the Chanel Perfection Lumiere foundation at $55 a bottle, then maybe you shouldn't also purchase the Chanel Le Volume mascara [which is $30 a tube].  Be reasonable with yourself.  What is your makeup passion? What are your trouble spots?  We'll go through some decision questions to ask yourself in this post as well as some tiiips & tricks...

Why do you wear makeup?
Is it to make yourself feel better?  Is it because you think you're "supposed" to?  I know plenty of women who don't really care about makeup, and wear very minimal amounts.  If this is you, then you should ask yourself if you even need it at all.  If you're only wearing makeup cause you think you're supposed to, and you feel perfectly confident without it, stop wearing it!  You don't need it.  If you wear it because you feel you "need" it and aren't comfortable in public without it, that's completely understandable.  I think most women will fit into that category.  Are you a makeup junkie?  An addict?  A connoisseur?  [This is my category]  If this is you, being frugal with makeup will be much harder!  [Trust me, I know.]

What are your trouble spots?  
Do you have bad skin?  Acne scaring?  I personally fall into this category.  I need a good strong full coverage foundation, that is quality and won't clog my pores.  Do you have beautiful skin, and just love a perfect lipstick?  Then you'd be better off going light on foundation/powder purchasing budget friendly products and splurging on that one perfect lipstick that feels like butter.  You get where I'm going with this?  We don't have to have the BEST of everything.  It's not necessary.  Sure, it's fun & tempting.  However, it will eat up your pocketbook.  

Resist temptation...
I have a full on nearly need addiction meetings type obsession with makeup.  I subscribe to about 75 Beauty YouTube vloggers.  Here's where my problem went from bad to worse...  These women tend to purchase more high end products, and OFTEN.  That's awesome for them.  It's their job!  Unless you are a beauty vlogger, or a makeup artist you don't need to hoard makeup.  [I'd be ashamed to show you my collection, it's massive]  I finally hit a point where I couldn't comfortably organize all the makeup I own.  It was my rock bottom.  My need for order and compulsive organization conflicted with my inner makeup hoarder.  It was like this lightbulb clicked on and I realized that just because Sally So & So says this new eyeshadow is the best thing ever, even though last month she was swearing by a different eyeshadow, I don't NEED that eyeshadow. I put myself on a "no buy" right then and there.  I am to use up everything I have in each category before purchasing more.  Example:  right now I have 3 brand new bottles of foundation waiting to be used.  I will use them all up before I purchase new foundation.  I don't care of Sally So & So found a miracle foundation that literally will take 10 years off your life... These 3 bottles I already have, must be used up first.  I've also noticed that since then, I have quit watching "haul" videos & reviews.  I don't need that temptation.  That wasn't even a conscious decision, I just naturally steered away from them.  

What I've Learned:
Where to spend my money && where NOT to spend my money.  When you become aware of your spending, you want to make better decisions.  I've learned that there is a dupe for nearly every high end product.  Ladies, the cosmetic industry is cut throat.  The drugstore brands are working harder than ever to have quality products.  There's some amazing stuff out there!  I have a few high end items that I can't see myself stopping use of, but I've replaced other things with drugstore.  

  • Instead of spending $36 on that NARS contour that Sally So & So told us make her look perfectly sun kissed, purchase an affordable pressed powder in a shade 2-3 shades darker than your skin tone.
  • Subscribe to ONE [not 10] monthly subscription box.  Birchbox is an affiliate with my blog, but I don't subscribe to them.  [Sorry birchbox, I'm an honest blogger...]  I subscribe to Sample Society and here's why... I feel that the products in Sample Society are much higher quality, they are crazy expensive brands that I would NEVER purchase for myself.  Here's why I suggest this... Last month I received a full size [not sample size] $30 Vincent Longo Eyeshadow Trio.  A $30 product in my box that only cost me $15, and that was just one item out of 5 that month.  I have a basket in my bathroom cabinet that is full of my sample society items.  I get so many high end eye cream samples from Sample Society, that I'll never have to purchase my own eye cream.  Reminder: these are very high end products that cost $30-$200 when purchased outright.  Yes they are usually not full size, but they are deluxe samples.  I've been using the same sample container of a Murad eye cream for 2 months.  I allow that $15 a month into my budget, because it fulfills my "need" for trying new things, while also saving me money in other ways.  If you need more info, just look at my Sample Society unboxing posts, to see what all I get every month.
  • Use an eyeshadow primer, and you can purchase cheaper eyeshadow.  If you're using a primer that makes shadow last longer & increase the pigment on your eyes, you don't need expensive eyeshadow.  Want an even bigger tip?  Skip that expensive Smashbox primer, and grab a tube of Monistat Chafing Powder-Gel.  It has the same active ingredient as nearly all high end primers, and will last you FOREVER!  You can use this as a face && eyeshadow primer.  It works perfectly and is the most affordable option you will find.  
  • Did you purchase a cheap mascara && it dried out on you really quickly?  Just squirt some eye drops in it and re moisten it.  
That's all I'm going to go into today.  I'm going to start a budget friendly beauty series so we can go more in depth.  In the mean time, check out myyy Pinterest board DIY Beauty.

xo Emilee

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