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Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I have gone from working 28hrs outside the home to 60hrs outside the home.  This has made me have to multi-task and plan very well for my week.  I have a calendar on my phone && utilize it, but my lifeline is a physical planner that is color coded && highlighted.  I take it with me everywhere.  Since I am spending so many hours working outside the home, I had to create a "mobile home office" of sorts.  I have it broken down into 3 varying sized makeup bags.  1 from Estee Lauder and 2 from Mark.  I have a specific purse that I use for work && keep them all in it along with myyy planner.

This is my "walking pharmacy" bag [got the name from OrganizedLikeJen on youtube, check her out].  The makeup bag is by estee lauder.  In it I keep a little first aid kit that I got in the dollar bin at Target, a powder compact, lip balm, a travel deodorant [I'm NOT a morning person and forget more times than I remember to put my deodorant on at home], peppermint oil [for nausea], and my antibiotic eyedrops for after my Avastin eye shots for my POHS. 

This is my favorite bag!  [I have a serious office supply addiction]  The makeup bag is by mark.  I split it's contents into 2 pictures.  On the bottom left there are varying post-it notes [yup that's a hello kitty post-it pad!], brads, happyyy face stickers [this may seem really lame, but I use them to reward myself on days I completed everything and had a good day.  I stick it on the corresponding day in my planner], and circle labels [you'll see in my next post what I use those for].  In the bottom right picture is my paperclips, pens, && highlighters.  I am a little OCD when it comes to color coding... 

My last bag is also available from mark.  It's quite a bit larger than the other two.  This one houses my charging cables and my kindle fire.  I have a lot of down time at work so I take advantage and read. 

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