veet easy roll-on wax

Sunday, June 16, 2013

veet roll on wax

Veet Easy Roll-On Wax

My old full-time job was working in a beauty supply store for professionals.  I had a complete love/hate relationship with that job.  It was often fun && the discount was nice!  In our store we carried roll on wax just like this, but a much higher cost.  I was excited to see this "drug store" version, and curious to tryyy it out.

I filmed a quick unboxing video for you guys.  Please understand: I AM NOT A PROFESSIONAL YOUTUBER! Ahaha!  I was on my phone, [I apologize for the video quality, or lack there of ha] and in the middle of renovations on my bathroom so I was a mess.  I just wanted to show the unboxing with a video because it's easier for you to see it!  <333 

I have tested the product and I was pretty impressed!  It worked exactly as I would expect it to.  Here's a tip... purchase muslin from a fabric store & cut into strips.  It's way cheaper than using store bought strips for waxing.  I did not film the actual waxinggg process.  I waxed my legs on the couch while watching Pretty Little Liars.  [See it IS easy to use]

veet easy roll on wax

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