2019 Fall Collection

Friday, August 30, 2019

My 2019 Fall Collection launches today! Featuring 2 charms, and 4 clips. Available in silver or gold factory forged hardware and your choice of a matte or glossy clay finish.

Every year, my fall collection is the biggest selling collection of the year. Starting with my initial first year with Etsy. My first fall collection went viral and was shared across many huge planner Instagram accounts.

 One of my favorite pieces from this collection is the Pumpkin Coffee. It's an adorable pumpkin coffee mug filled with coffee and topped with whipped cream and a sunflower.

I also offer dangle clips for my charms. I know a lot of people love the special charms I make, but they don't use charms, they like to use clips. I implemented dangle clips so everyone can utilize every piece of my collections.

If you love charms, but are unsure about using lobster clasps and how they'll fit with your planner, I also offer ball chains. Ball chains give you a lot more flexibility on attaching the charm to any planner, or even other things like purses or backpacks!

I pride myself on my yearly beautiful fall collection and I invite you to come check it out!

You can visit the "SHOP" tab at the top of the page, or find me on Etsy "EmileeSpeaks".

Thanks so much and I hope you enjoy the 2019 Fall Collection!

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