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Monday, April 11, 2016

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I found Mitten Vapors through a female vapers Facebook group I'm in.  Everyone was singing their praises for this company so I had to check it out.  Upon first glance I was incredibly impressed by the prices.  Very very affordable.  I picked up 4 bottles in my first order: Pistachio Ice Cream, Pinky, Mitten Juice, & Mitten Cake. That started a serious obsession...

My first order was placed on February 24th and I have since ordered 30 bottles from them!  10ml sizes to try different flavors, 50ml & 120ml sizes of flavors I can't live without.  I am so incredibly impressed with Mitten Vapors fast shipping, high quality, affordability, and customer service.

Their liquid is made in an ISO 6 Certified Clean Room, not some random back room [like my local shops...].  Their liquid is affordable and delish.  I was super surprised at the flavor quality of their liquid since the price is so awesome.  I literally haven't touched a non Mitten Vapors liquid since my first order.

This is my obsession... right here.  This flavor is everything!  I purchased this little 10ml bottle of it to try and have since reordered in 50ml and 120ml.  It's amazing!  This is hands down my all time favorite flavor to vape in the morning with my coffee.  The flavor is called Heart-On and it's description from the company is: "A lightly sweet cinnamon dusted custard filled glazed donut".

Seriously.  SERIOUSLY!  You have to try this flavor.  I've never had a flavor that has made me fall in love as much as this one.  It also does a GREAT job of curbing that sweet tooth!  I drink Guatemalan coffee that I purchase from a local coffee roaster.  It's delish and robust.  I drink it black and paired with this liquid to start my day off full of satisfaction.

Another way I love to vape Heart-On is mixed with their flavor Icy Road.  Icy Road is a strong peppermint and wintergreen flavor that is refreshing and surprisingly amazing added to most flavors.  Mixed with Heart-On it's like a fire and ice type profile.  I was recently sick with a cold for a week and I vaped this mix exclusively.  It was fantastic [and also the only thing I could taste due to the cold...].

I have tried 26 of their flavors now.  Not a single one did I not like.  I enjoyed "Frontier" which is a chocolate hazelnut tobacco flavor and I don't normally like hazelnut OR tobacco [I purchased it for my girlfriend who doesn't like sweet vapes].  I can't recommend this liquid line more.  You have to try it!

Mitten Vapors was awesome enough to give me a coupon code for my readers after I wrote to them and told them how much I love their product.  They didn't reach out to me asking me to advertise for them, I reached out to them to praise them for a wonderful product.  So you can hop on over to their site and use coupon code EMILEESPEAKS for 25% off your order!  No excuse vape fans, go try this brand.  I am very passionate about this company and their products.  The staff is friendly and incredibly helpful.  They're very active in the Mitten Vapors Facebook group and have proven themselves to have top notch customer service.

If you need some suggestions, here's my current Top 5 favorite flavors with the company's description:

♥ Heart-On [Obvi]: A lightly sweet cinnamon dusted custard filled glazed donut
♥ Icy Road: A refreshing mixture of Wintergreen and Peppermint flavors.
♥ Pinky: The most complete Pink Starburst flavor to date, this sweet ans succulent candy vape will satisfy your sweet tooth for the real thing! Plus, everyone loves the pink one!
♥ #SinkingShip: This flavor took us a long time to create weighing in at 13 different ingredients this is a hugely complex dessert vape that has a nice banana, chocolate and peanut butter inhale with a smoothly sweet and creamy exhale.
♥ 3 Day Weekend: A top seller that will make you want to vape for 3 straight days! A strong creamy BANANA inhale with a rich BANANA CUSTARD finish!

I just know you'll find your new favorite all day vape at Mitten Vapors.  Let me know what you try & what you love!  I'll post more about the flavors in the future!

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Disclosure: Mitten Vapors did not sponsor this post.  When I reached out to them they did provide me with a coupon code for my readers.  This was after I already had placed several orders to them with my own money and fell in love with their product.  I'm just sharing my honest love for their product!


  1. Ive been vaping Mitten only juice for almost a year now. I had asked Jamie for a sticker on Reddit and he mails me a 120ml of 3 Day Weekend on the house. I have watched em grow and the sense of community that is with them is just amazing.

    1. They really are amazing people. I agree 100%. Their juice is also amazing and I'm a huge fan.

  2. Thanks for the code ! I just found Mitten on the 2nd of April...ordered on the 4th, ordered more on the 8th, and dang if I didn't order again today ! I have been using a local company (who is exceptionally good and fair priced) as well as another - I am just so impressed with Mitten - will definitely be letting them know this for sure !

    1. You're welcome! Ordering becomes addictive that's for sure! Great product, great company. I'm obsessed :)

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