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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Something every vaper faces is how to bring along all your vape accessories easily.  We are permitted to vape at my office job, so I carry vape stuff with me each day I work.  Of course I have to have something cute and girly to do so!

I found this adorable bag at Michael's craft store for like $8.  It works perfectly for what I need.  You never know when you're out about vaping what you might need.  You know me, always prepared...

The front inside pockets work PERFECTLY to house my favorite eliquids.  I keep a varying selection so I always have choices in flavors.  Or even easily share your eliquid with friends!  My best friend is just getting started in vaping.  If I always have a variety of eliquid on me, she can try flavors to see what she likes.

My favorite flavors are from Mitten Vapors and Mt Baker Vapor.  Both are affordable options and have great flavor for budget friendly eliquid.  Enjoy 25% off your purchase at Mitten Vapors with coupon code: EMILEESPEAKS

Behind each clear pocket is a larger pocket.  In the top pocket I keep a charger and my charging cables.  These are for my MVP 2.0, I have recently upgraded to the Wismec Reuleaux RX200, which I don't utilize USB charging for [and you shouldn't either].  I use a NiteCore D4 charger for my LG HG2 brownies.

The final pocket houses my random accessories.  Drip tips, tank bands, coils, q-tips, alcohol wipes, etc.  You don't want to be away from home and have your coil burn out without an extra on you.  Or have a spill/leak issue without proper cleaning supplies.  I carry travel sizes of these items for ease and portability.

There ya have it.  That's my full "on the go" vape bag.  What do you keep in your travel vape bag?  I'd love to know!

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