vape update [february 2016]

Sunday, February 21, 2016


It's been awhile since I've done a vape update, so lets do that today.  I'm still currently using my iTaste MVP v2.0.  Right now I've got a Kanger Aerotank2 on it.  I'm currently doing some serious window shopping and research for my next device.  Really thinking about taking the plunge and getting a mech mod, but we'll see.  I know it's time for something new though.

I made a separate Instagram account for vaping this week.  I was browsing through Instagram and looking at vape pictures.  The Instagram vape community is really lacking pretty styled photos.  I understand that it's not primarily a "female" hobby like planners, BUT there are girly girls that vape!  So I created this new Instagram account to cater to that part of the vaping community.  You can find me at: @emileespeaks_vape


I've been dabbling with making vape charms.  This one has a crown with rhinestones, a rose, and rhinestone dangles.  The charm in the first picture has a wine bottle, wine glass, tassel, rose, and rhinestone dangles.  It's been fun to make something non-planner related and create new things.  I'm working on smaller charms that aren't as long and are made from polymer clay much like my planner clips.  Not sure if I'll put these on Etsy or not.  Right now I'm just playing around.


On a random side note: I've been obsessed with the Calendar Girl book series!  I'm NOT usually a reader of romance novels.  However, I came across some buzz for this book series on GoodReads and the plot intrigued me.  It's a series of 12 books which are very short [about 100 pages each].  Each book is titled after a month of the year.  I thought that was really fun and decided to give it a try.  I quickly became very obsessed with it.  They're definitely not going to be a classic in history, but they're fun and very enjoyable easy reads.

I love relaxing at home in bed with a cup of coffee or tea, a book, and vape.  I read on my iPad because I can increase the font size which I need because of my eye problems.  I also prefer reading on the iPad because I can change the text to white with a black background.  This is easier for me also because of the various blind spots I have in my vision.  They're not noticeable when reading on a black background.  I thought the Hello Kitty dust plug in my iPad was cute with my Kawaii Bunny Drip Tip on my tank.


What I'm Vaping: Last weekend I placed an order for some juice from Mt Baker Vapor.  Received that order on Wednesday!  I reordered a few favorites and tried something new.

Pink Champagne [product description] Strong notes of fresh strawberries and white wine combine with a subtle hint of red wine in this Pink Champagne e-juice. Great by itself as a palate cleanser, Pink Champagne is a deliciously light and invigorating vape. Amp up the flavor by mixing in your favorite fruit and/or strawberry flavors.
Thug Juice [product description] Try this blend of berries and melon, with a cool menthol finish. Thug Juice is a deliciously balanced cool and fruity vape. Looking for this flavor, just without the cooling Menthol? Try Hug Juice...
Strawbana [product description] Fresh banana and sweet strawberry flavoring come together in this deliciously fruity and refreshing Strawbana e-juice.

The first juice I ever received from Mt Baker Vapor was "Pink Champagne" and it remains a favorite all day vape.  I was gifted "Thug Juice" by a friend and fell in love with it.  I had to reorder that juice as well.  I wanted something new and decided to try "Strawbana".  Let me tell, you it's TASTY!  It's the only flavor I've vaped since I received my order.  So so good.  I love Mt Baker Vapor, and even keep their app on my phone for browsing juice!

I think that's about everything new I have to share.  Be sure to check out my vape Instagram account @emileespeaks_vape I'm making it my mission to bring some pretty styled vape photos to that community!  Join me!  Share your pretty vape pictures on Instagram and tag me in them!  I'd love to see them!

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