Emilee Speaks: how I clean my stamps [quick & easy]

Saturday, April 4, 2015

how I clean my stamps [quick & easy]

I do A LOT of stamping my planner.  I've tried many methods of quickly cleaning my stamps.  This method I'm about to show you is what I have found to work the most efficiently && cost effectively.  

Several times while at the craft store, I was tempted to pick up a stamp cleaning pad.  You know, one of those plastic containers with a sponge in it?  But I couldn't get past how it was literally just a sponge... nothing special.  I don't know about you, but I'd rather be spending my money on pretty ink && MORE stamps than an overpriced sponge.

All you need is a plain kitchen sponge and a quart size freezer bag.  Make sure you're getting the plain soft sponges, not the ones with the reinforced scrubby side.  We want plain as plain can be.  Wet your sponge and squeeze ALL of the excess water out of it.  We just want this guy to be damp, not dripping.  Once you've removed all the excess water from the sponge, place it in your freezer bag.  I chose freezer bags because they're more sturdy.

When you sit down to do your planner stamping, have your sponge in the bag beside you.  Simply place your stamp into the bag and rub it onto the sponge until the ink is gone, and the stamp is clear again.  That's it.

I do this during each stamping session.  Once a month I will wash my most used ones as needed with soap and water if they're losing their "stickiness".  However, I have found that using the sponge with water keeps me from having to wash them as much as I did when I was using baby wipes.  Plus, using the sponge gets between the crevices easier.  I have found that this way is the quickest and easiest for me.

How do you clean your stamps during a stamping session?

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