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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

4.99 usa made e juice

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I feel like it's been a little while since I've done a vaping post so today I'm sharing my vape storage && e-juice collection.  I have tried several different options and this way seems to work best for me right now.  This is a Sterilite Small 5 drawer unit.  Dimensions: 8.5 x 7.2 x 11.1 inches [it fits nicely on my bedside table].  My e-juice collection is growing quickly so adjustments may need to be made soon, but for now it's perfect.

||Info about e-juice storage||

E-juice is best kept in a cool dark place.  Some people even keep theirs in their refrigerator [I'm personally not down with that].  Yes my storage unit is in clear drawers, && it's currently on my nightstand.  Let me tell you a little bit about that...  

During the hot summer months, I kept my storage unit in my master bathroom under the sink.  When the air conditioner is running, my master bathroom is the coldest room in my apartment.  Now that the weather is cooling down, I'm keeping it in my bedroom because that bathroom will soon be the warmest room in the apartment [I have thick curtains on my bedroom windows that keep out sunlight].  I love my old apartment, it's beautiful.  It used to be old doctor offices, so the layout is a little bizarre, but it's huge and awesome.  That being said, my bedroom is on an outside wall with old windows and very crappy insulated.  So the temperature difference from my bedroom to the rest of the apartment can be as drastic as 10 degrees.  The thermostat for my central air is located in the living room which doesn't have any outside walls and is brick walled [we're also on the second story above a business].  So the thermostat goes off the temperature in the most insulated room in the apartment.  ALL of that to tell you my bedroom is hella cold in the winter ahah.

ANYWAY... I keep my storage unit in a dark cool room.


The top of my unit has my ego style e-cigs that I only use if my MVP is charging ahah [like right now, as I type this...].  I also keep a little travel case in here.  Sometimes I prefer to take an ego ecig on car rides because they're smaller && less bulky.  To be honest though, that little travel case is usually used to transport extra e-juice to work in case my tank gets low [the tweezers are there because I use that specific pair to pull out a few strands of wick in my atomizers].


The second drawer only has 4 bottles of ejuice [from a local vape shop] because it's the overflow from the rest of the drawers that are full.  E-juice flavors in this drawer: pumpkin spice, chai tea, hazelnut, && hot tamale.


The third drawer contains a hodge podge of brands.  There's Vista Vapors, High Desert Vapes, Seduce Juice, local vape shop, ec blend, && viper vape.  All of these were gifted to me.  Flavors: blueberry muffin, blood orange, birthday cake, cinnamon toast, dueling banjo's, RY4, extreme ice, spearmint, french vanilla, and jango.  The flavor's with names that aren't obvious are tobacco flavored blends.  I honestly haven't tried any of the tobacco flavors, they were gifted to me a couple days ago.


The fourth drawer is my favorite drawer <333 with all the e-juice I've tried, I still back Mt Baker Vapor 100%.  They're my absolute favorite.  Flavors: sticky bun, butter cream, pink champagne, guava, thug juice, johnny chimpo, ecto cooler, candy cane, dutch apple pie [2], hawk sauce, and salted carmel.  None of these are tobacco flavored blends.  They're all fruits, desserts, && menthol blends.  I'm a HUGE fan of Mt Baker Vapor's menthol blends, highly recommend
||I have a few more bottles of MBV juice, but they're in my work bag||


The final drawer is another hodge podge drawer aha.  Brands include another local vape store, ec blends, liqua, and another brand I received from a vendor on the electronic cigarette subreddit but it's not labeled.  I've only tried the juice in this drawer from the local vape store && the reddit vendor.  The rest were recently gifted to me.  Flavors: menthol, strawberries & cream, black cherry tobacco [J's favorite], caramel cappuccino, dew on the mountain [taste like mountain dew...], blueberry, ny cheesecake, dragon's breath, vanilla, Sumatra coffee, peach, and red type [tobacco flavor].

I really need to get a dripper so that I can test taste all these flavors that I haven't tried yet.  This past weekend a buddy at work gifted me 16 bottles of juice so that's why I have so many that I haven't tried.  Then a few weeks ago I won a facebook giveaway to one of the local vape stores, which was 5 free bottles!  So in a matter of a few weeks I've gained 21 bottles of juice aha.

Now what you're not seeing from my vape storage is tanks... I have a vivi nova, an iClear30, && about 10 kanger evod tanks.  They're all in a glass jar ready for the picking on my coffee table so that I can quickly switch out flavors throughout the day.

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  1. Perfect storage for our vape accessories. This is actually a good one to have in our home. As vape user, I would really love to have this kind of storage for my vape and juice collections. Thanks for this nice ideas.


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