mvp v2.0 [updated review]

Saturday, September 20, 2014

I was sent these products for review from Mt Baker Vapor. 
Affiliate links are used below.  All opinions are my own.

It's been about 3 months since I received my MVP v2.0 from Mt Baker Vapor.  I thought it was about time to do an update on it.  Sometimes things we think we initially like, we end up not liking.  I always find updated reviews to be helpful.  Well in this case, I'm just as happy with my device as I was on day 1.

This ecig continues to remain my favorite.  I love the battery life on it.  It continues to amaze me how long of a battery life it has.  Even with me chain vaping, this guy lasts me several days on one charge.

Mt Baker Vapor made a video that completely goes through this device.  I think seeing it in action is very beneficial.  So.... here's the video! <3

I wanted to also talk about Mt Baker Vapor's ejuice.  Guys & Gals... I can't express to you how amazing their juice is.  Since I posted my initial review, I've had several companies send me their juice for review as well.  Why haven't you seen reviews on them?  Because I didn't like their juice.  Since they were nice enough to offer me free product, I don't want to write a negative review.  So I just don't talk about them at all.  I continue to be amazed && fall in love with my ejuice from Mt Baker Vapor.  My local vape shops have "okay" juice, and I like to support local businesses so I pick up stuff from them as well.  However, I find myself ALWAYS grabbing my MBV juice.

If you follow me on my social media sites, it's no secret how obsessed I am with MBV's Sticky Bun ejuice.  It's HANDS DOWN my favorite go to morning vape.  It's like having a sweet treat with my coffee without the calories! Aha!  [I'm actually vaping on it right now...]

Mt Baker Vapor does not pay me to talk about them.  I DO have an affiliate link with them.  So I do get a percentage of sales I send over to them.  THAT BEING SAID... I also had an affiliate link with "those other vape guys" that offered me product for review.  I still didn't talk about them.  I ONLY talk about && give praise to companies and products I am passionate about.  End of story.

Without MBV I don't think I would have been able to kick the ciggy habit.  I wasn't satisfied with the ego style ecigs, and probably wouldn't have taken the plunge of purchasing a more expensive ecig.  If my only vaping experience had been with the ego style ecigs, I wouldn't have quit smoking.  MBV sent me the mvp v2.0 for review back in June, and I haven't looked back.  I owe my quitting to them.

So... if you take anything from this review as a new vaper, take this:  Don't be afraid of upgrading from the ego style ecig if you aren't satisfied with it.  The mvp v2.0 is WONDERFUL even for noob vapers.  Try different juice!  If you don't like what you're using, try something else.  You WILL find your holy grail setup, I promise.

I have a coupon code for you guys that Mt Baker Vapor setup for my readers.  Grab yourself some amazing ejuice.  I highly recommend Sticky Bun [obvi], Pink Champagne, and Hawk Sauce.

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