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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Blogging should be about having fun first && foremost.  If you don't love what you do, it will show and you won't get readers.  Readers need to feel that you're proud of what you do.  That's the MOST IMPORTANT tip to making money at blogging.  

When you're first starting out, and have a small viewership, affiliate networks are very helpful.  Most don't require you to have a huge following && it's pretty easy to sign up.  They are also fairly self explanatory when it comes to using the affiliate links [user friendly].

It's tempting at first to spam every post with affiliate links.  Don't do that.  Your readers will be turned off by this.  Also, don't have a sh*t ton of ads all over your page.  It's disgusting and unappealing to the eye.  It's okay to have a few of your favorites displayed, but nothing is more gross than 20 ads flashing all over a blog page.  Srsly. 

Banner Ads:
At the moment this post goes live: I have 1 listed under "Favorite Products" on the side bar, 1 TEST link under my header [it's a really good promo right now, aha], and 1 at the bottom of my page.  The key to this is that I only display ads for products that I use, love, && often talk about.  I don't talk about them to advertise, I advertise because I love them.  Most people ignore banner ads alone.  Blind click rates on banner ads alone are very low.  You won't see much from that.  
Key Placement:
When you're writing a post about something that you are affiliated with, place it in your post.  This goes for Amazon affiliation too.  The key here is to be strategic && again, NOT spammy.

Dedicated Page:
Some bloggers like to have a dedicated page with affiliate marketing.  I haven't tried this yet, but it's been on my mind.  I wouldn't use this as an excuse to have a page just loaded to the brim with random banners.  It'd be a good place to list affiliate links & maybe banners to things you often talk about.  Like for me, I'd use ELF, Julep, Mt Baker Vapor, and Audible/Amazon books.  Think of it as a one stop spot for resources for your readers.

Just remember always: Being spammy is Ew << make that your mantra

The Top 3 Affiliate Networks that I've had the best luck with are:

I have had the best luck with Share A Sale, then Glitter Network, then CJ Affiliate.  I also think that Glitter Network && Share A Sale are more user friendly.  

Good luck and remember to love what you do!  <333
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  1. These are great tips!! I also hate blogs that have SO many ads everywhere! Instantly makes me dislike it and I won't visit it again. The worst are those video ads that just play automatically... ugh! I'll have multiple tabs open and I have to go thru each one to find the naughty one that has that horrible ad playing so I can stop it. :/


    1. Ahaha I hate it!!! I'm to picky about the way my space looks! I can't imagine having it all cluttered up with junk everywhere. I'd make me crazy!


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