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Friday, July 18, 2014

e juice dutch apple pie

I've been rolling right along in my success with quitting cigarettes with the help of vaping.  Most people I've spoken with are surprised that I'm only using level 12 nicotine [scale of 0-36].  Most vapers that are solely vaping at the beginning of kicking the cancer sticks use an 18 or higher.  That was encouraging to learn!  So I'm doing great on my 12mg.  I feel like it may help me on my goal to dwindling down to zero nicotine.  

I'm still loving myyy Mt Baker Vapor juice.  You guys this stuff is de-lish.  A friend of mine vapes [solely for funsies, he's never been a smoker && uses 0 nicotine juice].  Mt Baker Vapor gives you a free bottle of juice with every $15 order and the default nicotine level is 12mg [that's what I use!].  So he recently gave me all of his 12mg juice bottles.  One of those was the Dutch Apple Pie...

This stuff is yummyyyy!  There is so much flavor packed into this juice!  There's an immediate cinnamon taste that is delightful.  You can taste a sweet creaminess, then it leaves you with a wonderful apple aftertaste.  

I don't think I would have ever picked Dutch Apple Pie for myself, so I'm really glad my friend gave it to me.  Between this and the Sticky Buns juice, I'm really finding that I thoroughly enjoy "cinnamon" notes in my juice.  These cinnamon dessert type flavors are great with my morning coffee.  It's like having pastries, without the calories ahah! 

I just had to share with you all my updated favorite juice of the moment.  I'm building quite the juice collection for myself, and I love it!  I think it's important to have several flavors you enjoy to keep the experience fresh and exciting.  You don't want to get burned out on the same flavor.  Ew. 

What are your favorite juices?  

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