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Sunday, January 6, 2013

One of my favorite YouTube tags to watch is the "What's on my phone" tag.  I always enjoy seeing apps that other people use, learning about apps that I don't have yet, etc.  So here is a blog version of that tag.

This is my phone:

This is a stock picture of course.  Not my actual phone.  It is the HTC EVO 4G LTE, and I LOVE this phone!  I'm an android fan girl all the way.

Home Screen:

I'm using the "Advanced Clock Widget" at the top.  In my bottom bar [left to right], I've got a folder with shortcuts of direct dials to the people I dial most, and the regular phone dialer.  Then there is the GMAIL app.  My App Drawer button.  I use "GoSMS" cause it has emoji's.  Then last, I have my internet app.

Social Media Screen:

[Left to Right]
Facebook, TweetCaster (I like it best of all the Twitter apps), YouTube, Instagram, Pinterest, Blogger, Bloglovin', GetGlue (I have several friends that use this too.  So we enjoy posted what we're watching/reading/etc onto our social network sites with this app), Skype, and Google+.  At the bottom right is my bookmarks widget.  I have a folder of my "fun" bookmarks, and a folder of my "work" related bookmarks.

Productivity Screen:

On this screen, I utilize several folders.
Health Folder~ Relax M.P. [the BEST sleep machine app ever!], Buddhist meditation app, My Net Diary [was recently diagnosed with celiac disease, so I use this app as a food journal], OvuView [gotta track those periods! no seriously, I do.  my celiac disease has been messing with that part of my health too], then I have a wonderful food recipe app by Raw Recipes.
Money Folder~ Calculator, Discount Calculator, app, bookmark to my bank's website
Utility Folder~ Alarm Clock Xtreme, Uniqlo alarm, Flashlight, History Eraser, Play Store
Photography Folder~ I'm going to show you that expanded next...
Then I have my Cozio agenda widget.  I follow the Flylady [if you don't know what this is, GOOGLE IT!  it just might change your life] system, and it's all on Cozio.
Then at the bottom I have a folder with my Flylady Bingo bookmark shortcut & a timer app.  If you know what Flylady is, you'll understand why those 2 go together =)
Then the last folder I have has the Monster app & Career Builder app. [keeping an eye open for opportunities]

Photography Folder expanded:
[left to right]
Camera, Add Watermark, Eye Color Booth, Gallery, Lumie light Effects, Photobucket, PicSay Pro, Photo Grid, Photoshop Express, PicCollage, Pixlr-o-matic, Retouch Free

Music screen:
This screen is pretty bare at the moment.  I just recently wiped all my screens, and started with a fresh organization overhaul.  I do this about once a month to every 2 months.  I like to change it up often.

I have the Google Music widget at the top.  Then I have a folder with my "streaming" apps in it; amazon mp3, pandora, tunein radio, & dogg catcher [pod cast app].  Then I have the android stock music app, then a folder of music "utilities".  In that folder is, a music downloader && a ringtone maker. Then lastly I have Soundhound.

Those are the only screens I have setup at the moment.  I probably should've done this when I have all my screens full.  This is the gist of my most used apps anyway.  Oh!  I should probably mention that I'm using ADW Launcher Ex with the ADW Theme "Candy Color Swap". 

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